Ivory Ban Moves One Step Closer to Law


It is horrible acts like this that should shock the conscience.
A critically endangered Sumatran elephant who had patrolled Indonesia’s jungles to help protect threatened habitats has been killed for his tusks, an official says …
Source: Killing of endangered Sumatran elephant Yongki in Indonesia
SACRAMENTO — California lawmakers voted Wednesday to expand a ban on elephant ivory so it could no longer be bought or sold in the state regardless of when it was first imported. The legislation removes an exemption that has allowed for ivory imported before 1977 to be exempt from state laws banning the product. The exemption made the current ban nearly unenforceable since it’s difficult to determine the age of ivory without carbon dating and DNA. “We are on the verge of a major achievement,” said Peter LaFontaine, campaign officer for the International Fund for Animal Welfare. “It’s days like this that make me hopeful for the future of these species. California has one of the bigger markets in the country, so California is a major domino to fall to restrict illegal sales.” The Senate passed the bill 26-13. AB96 returns to the Assembly, where it previously passed 62-14, before heading to Gov. Jerry Brown. If passed and signed by Brown, the expanded ban goes into effect July 1, 2016.
Source: California ivory ban moves one step closer to law It is about time that the world pays attention to the plight of countless elephants killed for their ivory. It is a true disgrace of this or any generation to allow such majestic beings to be slaughtered for vanity or profit.
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