Year of 2017

Little auks fly past an iceberg at Spitsbergen, Norway

For little auks, the icy waters and cold, rocky beaches of Spitsbergen, Norway, are the ideal summer breeding ground. These starling-sized birds nest in huge colonies on the coastal cliffs of the island. The safety-in-numbers approach to nesting ensures that enough little auks will be around next year to return to their breeding areas, though they do have to look out for hungry gulls and Arctic foxes, who may raid a nest for an egg.

The little auk or dovekie is a small auk, the only member of the genus Alle. Alle is the Sami name of the long-tailed duck; it is onomatopoeic and imitates the call of the drake duck. Linnaeus was not particularly familiar with the winter plumages of either the auk or the duck, and appears to have confused the two species.
Scientific name: Alle alle
Biological classification: Species
Belongs to: Alle
Dovekie Range
Green=Year-Round, Yellow=Summer, Blue=Winter. Source: Self-Generated from eBird Basic Dataset 2015.