Year of 2017

Fan-throated lizard in Pune, Maharashtra, India

This small but mighty fan-throated lizard is showing off its red, blue, and black colors in an attempt to woo a lady friend. The thin flap of skin around its throat, known as a gular appendage, is normally the same color as the rest of its body. But during mating season, males develop the flashy display of colors. The fan-throated lizard makes its home in the arid lands of the Indian subcontinent.

The fan-throated lizard is a species of agamid lizard found in India. It was earlier thought to be widespread but studies in 2016 resulted in the splitting of the group into several species placed in two genera.
Scientific name: Sitana ponticeriana
Biological classification: Species
Sitana ponticeriana distribution
geographic distribution of Sitana ponticeriana (Native: India; Pakistan; Sri Lanka)