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Hallstatt, Austria

The salt mines in the hills surrounding the village of Hallstatt are thought to be the oldest known salt mines in the world, and they were once the backbone of the local economy. Some parts of the original mines are now a popular tourist attraction. Seemingly crafted from the pages of a storybook, the hamlet draws in visitors with its time-capsule charms. Not convinced of Hallstatt’s delights? Others are. An exact replica of the village was built in China in 2012.

Hallstatt is a market town in the district of Gmunden, in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. Situated on Hallstätter See, it is part of the Dachstein / Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape, one of the World Heritage Sites in Austria.
Population: 758 (2016)
Area: 23.09 sq miles (59.80 km²)
hallstatt austria
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