Year of 2017

Mallards in a cypress swamp, Calcasieu River, Louisiana

From spooky mood lighting to gloomy mist and shadows, this cypress swamp in southern Louisiana certainly knows how to do Halloween right. It’s part of the Calcasieu River, which begins in Vernon Parish and meanders 200 miles southward to the Gulf of Mexico, passing through the city of Lake Charles along the way. Look closely at this pic and you’ll spot a pair of mallards on their evening swim, seemingly unbothered by the creepy vibe. Or perhaps as the saying goes, they’re calm on the surface, but paddling frantically underneath.

The Calcasieu River is a river on the Gulf Coast in southwestern Louisiana. Approximately 200 miles long, it drains a largely rural area of forests and bayou country, meandering southward to the Gulf of Mexico. The name “Calcasieu” comes from the Native American Atakapa language katkosh, for “eagle”, and yok, “to cry”.
Length: 200 miles (321.87 km)
Bridges: Calcasieu River Bridge · Israel LaFleur Bridge
Cities: Lake Charles
Mouth: Gulf of Mexico
Source: Vernon Parish
Calcasieu River Bridge
The Calcasieu River Bridge crosses the Calcasieu River in Lake Charles, Louisiana.