Year of 2017

Fat dormouse sleeping, Alsace, France

It looks as though this dormouse is recovering from too much holiday fun. The ‘fat dormouse,’ as this species is commonly called, sleeps through the winter in Alsace, a region on France’s eastern border, adjacent to Germany and Switzerland. Here, the half-timbered homes have a classic fairy-tale feel. Speaking of fairy tales, the dormouse has a penchant for sleeping through those, too. In Lewis Carroll’s classic ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,’ the character of the dormouse is too tired to partake in the Mad Hatter’s tea party, and instead offers nonsensical mutterings about treacle, a British syrup made from molasses.

A dormouse is a rodent of the family Gliridae. Dormice are mostly found in Europe, although some species live in Africa or Asia. They are particularly known for their long periods of hibernation.
Scientific name: Gliridae
Hibernation period: 183 days
Weight: 0.03 pound (0.01 kg) – 0.44 pound (0.20 kg)
Body length: 2.36 inch (6 cm) – 7.48 inch (19 cm)
Gestation period: 22 days – 24 days
Biological classification: Family
Graphiurus spec -murinus
Graphiurus spec, probably G.murinus