Year of 2017

Trailing azalea growing in Rondane National Park, Norway

This is not a fossil, nor a craft project. Trailing azalea prefers rocky, subarctic regions above the tree line. So mountainous places such as Norway’s Rondane National Park are an ideal habitat for this vine-like shrub that sends roots and shoots along the gravel, and blooms in spring and summer with small pink or red flowers. Want to fill in that rocky patch in your yard? Trailing azalea is up to the task.

Kalmia procumbens, commonly known as alpine azalea or trailing azalea, is a dwarf shrub of high mountain regions of the Northern Hemisphere that usually grows no more than 10 centimeters tall. Originally named by Linnaeus as Azalea procumbens, it is also named after French botanist L.L.A. Loiseleur-Deslongchamps – Loiseleuria procumbens.
Scientific name: Kalmia procumbens