Year of 2017

A gentoo penguin in Antarctica

Behind the Emperor and King penguins stands the gentoo, third-largest of all penguin species. But don’t sell gentoo penguins short—they can grow to be nearly 3 feet tall. And they really distinguish themselves not while standing on land, but while swimming under water. Gentoo penguins have sleek, streamlined bodies and powerful flippers that propel them up to 22 miles per hour. No other diving bird can swim as fast. And when in pursuit of fish and other underwater prey, they can stay under for up to 7 minutes and dive to depths of more than 650 feet.

The long-tailed gentoo penguin is a penguin species in the genus Pygoscelis, most closely associated with the Adélie penguin and the chinstrap penguin. The first scientific description was made in 1781 by Johann Reinhold Forster with a reference point of the Falkland Islands. They call in a variety of ways, but the most frequently heard is a loud trumpeting which is emitted with its head thrown back.
Scientific name: Pygoscelis papua
Biological classification: Species
Belongs to: Pygoscelis