Year of 2017

Torronsuo National Park in Finland

While this may look like the humid, exotic terrain of the Amazon, we’re in southern Finland, where one of the world’s few surviving raised bogs has protected status within Finland’s borders and became a national park in 1990. Raised duckboard trails allow visitors to experience the park’s rare ecosystem, where peat turf that reaches a thickness of nearly 40 feet soaks up rainfall. In spring and autumn, migrating cranes and geese make a stopover in the park.

Torronsuo National Park is a national park in the Tavastia Proper region of Finland. Even before its declaration as a national park in 1990, the near-natural state swamp area was a protected area. Its area is 25.5 square kilometres.
Established: 1990
Area: 9.85 sq miles (25.50 km²)