Year of 2017

Svalbard Satellite Station, Svalbard archipelago, Norway

Sorry golf fanatics, this isn’t the clubhouse at the world’s most treacherous course. The Svalbard Satellite Station’s extreme northern position on the globe—inside the Arctic Circle, just 745 miles south of the North Pole—means it can track a low-altitude polar-orbiting satellite for an entire orbit around Earth. That’s something few other stations can do. It handles satellite communications for private and governmental clients, and is closely associated with various space agencies around the world.

Svalbard Satellite Station or SvalSat is a satellite ground station located on Platåberget near Longyearbyen in Svalbard, Norway. Opened in 1997, it is operated by Kongsberg Satellite Services, a joint venture between Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and the Norwegian Space Centre. SvalSat and KSAT’s Troll Satellite Station in Antarctica are the only ground stations that can see a low altitude polar orbiting satellite on every revolution as the earth rotates. The facility consists of 31 multi-mission and customer-dedicated antennas which operate in the C, L, S and X bands. The station provides ground services to more satellites than any other facility in the world.