Year of 2017

Hveravellir hot spring on Kjölur plateau, Iceland

Some spots on Earth simply look unearthly. The Hveravellir Nature Reserve on the Kjölur plateau in central Iceland certainly fits that description. Dotted with hot springs, the rugged terrain here calls to adventurers from around the world. Hiking trails allow passage through and within the region, and for those who want a payoff for their efforts, one of the hot springs is a popular bathing site for visitors.

Kjölur is a plateau in the highlands of Iceland, roughly defined as the area between the Langjökull and Hofsjökull glaciers. It is lies at an altitude of about 600–700 metres. At the northern end of the Kjölur road, near the headwaters of the Blanda river, the hot springs of Hveravellir provide a warm oasis. Not far from Hveravellir, the Kerlingarfjöll, a volcanic mountain range, is situated to the north-east of the Kjölur road.