Year of 2017

Five Fingers Strand near Malin Head, Ireland

We’re not in the tropics for Saint Patrick’s Day, but have instead visited Five Fingers Strand, up on the north coast of Ireland. Of course, Ireland’s known for its rugged, craggy coast, but it turns out the Emerald Isle has some wonderfully inviting beaches as well. The strand is on the Inishowen Peninsula, where the village of Malin gives way to Banba’s Crown, the last bit of land before you’ll take a bracing dip in the North Atlantic. We’ll stay out of the water and take a stroll on the sands instead, maybe head in to town for a pint before sundown.

Malin Head is located on the Inishowen Peninsula, County Donegal, Ireland and is the most northerly point of the island of Ireland. The northernmost tip is the headland named Banba’s Crown located at latitude 55.38ºN. Malin Head gives its name to the Malin sea area. There is a weather station on the head, which is one of 22 such stations whose reports are broadcast as part of the BBC Shipping Forecast.