Year of 2017

An ice tunnel inside Matanuska Glacier, Alaska

You can actually drive to Matanuska Glacier in Alaska if you like road trips. But to see the ice caves and ice tunnels within this 27-mile-long, 4-mile-wide ice sheet, you’ll have to get out of the car and take a guided tour. And to tour the tunnel, you’ll need a boat—that’s flowing water at the bottom. You know what? It’s pretty nice here in the car. Anybody want more hot chocolate?

Matanuska Glacier is a valley glacier in the US state of Alaska. At 27 miles long by 4 miles wide, it is the largest glacier accessible by car in the United States. Its terminus feeds the Matanuska River. It lies near the Glenn Highway about 100 miles north-east of Anchorage. Matanuska Glacier flows about 1 foot per day. Due to ablation of the lower glacier, as of 2007, the location of the glacier terminus changed little over the previous three decades.