Year of 2017

Ice in a lava tube at Lava Beds National Monument, California

It gets cold enough at this volcanic landscape in northern California to freeze the water that collects and flows through some of the caves and lava tubes, creating other-worldly visuals. The caves and tubes suitable for human exploration are rated from least to most challenging, with the easiest requiring only good boots, head protection, and a reliable flashlight. The more challenging caves are often accessible only by stairs or ladders. Think of all the cool photos you’ll get.

Lava Beds National Monument is located in northeastern California, in Siskiyou and Modoc counties. The Monument lies on the northeastern flank of the Medicine Lake Volcano, and has the largest total area covered by a volcano in the Cascade Range.
Address: 1 Indian Wells Hqtrs, Tulelake, CA 96134
Phone: (530) 667-8113 | (530) 667-8100
Established: Nov 21, 1925
Annual visitors: 124,113 (2011)
Area: 72.96 sq miles (188.96 km²)