Year of 2017

Kallur lighthouse on Kalsoy Island, Faroe Islands

Kalsoy is among the northernmost of the Faroe Islands. High, steep cliffs run along on the west shore, but the eastern slope is gentler and is home to four small villages. The lighthouse at Kallur, seen here, is on the northern tip of the narrow isle, with a counterpart lighthouse on the southern tip. About 100 people live on the island, vastly outnumbered by the various marine birds that roost here, including 40,000 pairs of Atlantic puffins.

Kalsoy is an island in the north-east of the Faroe Islands between Eysturoy and Kunoy. The western coast has dramatically steep cliffs for the full length of the island, whereas idyllic valleys on the eastern slopes protect the four tiny settlements, Húsar, Mikladalur, Syðradalur and Trøllanes, whose combined populations total less than 150. They are connected by a partly surfaced road which passes through four dark tunnels. The island’s thin shape and road-tunnels give it the nickname “the flute”. There is a lighthouse at Kallur, the northern tip of Kalsoy.
Population: 147 (2002)
Location: Atlantic Ocean