Year of 2017

Greyface moray eels in the Andaman Sea

If these two greyface moray eels look a little surprised, it could be that they’re not used to this sort of exposure. The species lives in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, hiding in coral or other shelter during the day and emerging at night to hunt crab, shrimp, and other small shellfish. It could be that. Or maybe they’re having a staring contest with you…

The greyface moray, freckled moray, slender moray, or white-eyed moray, Gymnothorax thyrsoideus, is a species of marine fish in the family Muraenidae. The greyface moray is a medium-sized fish that can reach a maximum length of 66 cm, but the ones usually observed are rather 40 cm. Its serpentine in shape body has a brown yellowish background color with variation of intensity from a moray to another and it is speckled with a lot of small dark spots. The head is grey to brownish with distinctive white eyes. Here is a video of the eel in its natural habitat.
Scientific name: Gymnothorax thyrsoideus