Year of 2017

The Pyramids of Meroë in Sudan

More than 200 pyramids stand silent in the sands near the ancient city of Meroë on the banks of the Nile River. The pyramids are in modern-day Sudan. But when these tombs were built—some for kings and queens—the area was part of the Kingdom of Kush, where Meroë was the capital.

Exploring these ancient structures is just one way to celebrate Africa Day, an observance that commemorates the progress that African nations have made in achieving independence and developing modern societies, while also acknowledging common challenges Africans face in a global environment.

Near Meroe three royal cemeteries were constructed. South Cemetery features nine royal pyramids. Four of the pyramids belonged to Kings and five belonged to queens. One hundred and ninety-five other tombs complete the cemetery. North cemetery contains forty-one royal pyramids. Thirty belonged to kings, six to queens and five to other royals. The cemetery has three more non-royal tombs for a total of forty-four. West cemetery is a non-royal site. It contains some one hundred and thirteen tombs.