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Mountaineers on the Balmhorn, Switzerland

It’s mountaineering season in the Alps of Europe. It was on Alpine peaks such as the Balmhorn, seen here, where the modern ideas, practices, and requirements of mountaineering were established during the ‘golden age of alpinism,’ a period in the mid-19th century when numerous climbers and climbing teams began to reach the summits of various mountains in the Alps.

The Balmhorn is a mountain in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. Its summit ridge lies on the border between the cantons of Berne and the Valais. It was first climbed by Frank Walker, Horace Walker and Lucy Walker, with guides Jakob Anderegg and Melchior Anderegg on 21 July 1864.
Elevation: 12,133 feet (3,698 m)
Prominence: 3,353 feet (1,022 m)
First ascent: Jul 21, 1864
Mountain ranges: Bernese Alps · Alps
First ascenders: Melchior Anderegg · Horace Walker · Lucy Walker