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A water-storage Device
Aeonium leaf detail

The succulent plant genus aeonium includes dozens of species, many originating from the Canary Islands. Aeoniums, like many other succulents, are widely cultivated throughout the world as houseplants or as ornamentals in gardens where the drought-resistant plants can easily survive in hot, arid environments.

Aeonium is a genus of about 35 species of succulent, subtropical plants of the family Crassulaceae. Many species are popular in horticulture. The genus name comes from the ancient Greek “aionos”. While most of them are native to the Canary Islands, some are found in Madeira, Morocco, and in East Africa.
Scientific name: Aeonium
Biological classification: Genus
Consists of: Aeonium arboreum · Aeonium haworthii · Aeonium canariense · Aeonium tabuliforme
Belongs to: Crassulaceae