Year of 2017

Swim a Lap Day
Swimmers competing in the 2016 Ironman triathlon in Hawaii

You don’t have to swim 2.4 miles—or follow that up with a 112-mile bike ride and then run a marathon, like these Ironman triathlon competitors—to celebrate Swim a Lap Day. But if you can swim, and have a place to swim a lap, today’s the day to do it. And then maybe, just maybe, you’ll get inspired to swim another lap, and another. Who knows, maybe with the right training you’ll end up in a photo like this, chopping your way through the surf in Kailua Bay, on your way to finishing all 140.6 miles of the triathlon.

The Ironman World Championship has been held annually in Hawaii since 1978, with an additional race in 1982. It is owned and organized by the World Triathlon Corporation. It is the annual culmination of a series of Ironman triathlon qualification races held throughout the world.
First occurred: 1978