Year of 2017

Rotonda di San Lorenzo in Mantua, Italy

This 11th-century church, the oldest in the northern Italian city of Mantua, was deconsecrated in 1579 and for 300 years was used at various times as a residence and retail space. Then, in the early 20th century, it was restored and reestablished as a holy site. Luckily, many of the frescoes within were left intact, so a visit to the Rotonda di San Lorenzo offers a glimpse of what the church looked like in its original state.

The Rotonda di San Lorenzo is a religious building in Mantua, Lombardy. It is the most ancient church in the city. It is now sunk below the level of the Piazza della Erbe. It probably stands on the site of a Roman temple that was dedicated to the goddess Venus.
Address: Erbe Square – 46100 Mantua
Phone: 0376 322297