Year of 2017

Boardwalks to the Beach
A boardwalk in Norddorf on Amrum Island, Germany

No matter which fork you take in the boardwalk at Norddorf, you’re sure to enjoy yourself. The beach is a fine place to dip your toe in the Wadden Sea, a protected, intertidal zone of the North Sea. The village is on Amrum, one of Germany’s North Frisian Islands. Until the 19th century, the islands were ruled by Denmark, which still has a strong influence on the culture and cuisine here.

Norddorf auf Amrum is a municipality on the island of Amrum in the district of Nordfriesland in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Together with Süddorf, Norddorf is the oldest village of the island. In 1890, Friedrich von Bodelschwingh founded a number of seaside hospices in Norddorf proper and north of it. Due to this, the place developed into a seaside resort. In 1925, great parts of the village were destroyed by a fire, so today’s view of the village is dominated by mostly modern houses without thatched roofs. Today, the hospices are not existent any longer or they now serve other purposes.
Mayor: Peter Koßmann