Year of 2017

It’s World Population Day
Lok Baintan Floating Market, Indonesia

A trip to the market for people in the city of Banjarmasin, Indonesia, may mean a trip to the banks of the Martapura River. There, you can find hundreds of boats like these, stocked full of local produce and even baked goods, ready for customers to peruse. As we observe World Population Day, images like these can remind us that simple acts such as shopping for food is a common experience, even though the markets themselves may be distinctly different from culture to culture and location to location. There’s no 12-items-or-less line at the Lok Baintan Floating Market.

The Lok Baintan Floating Market is located in the Banjar Regency in the Indonesian part of Borneo. It can be reached in less than an hour from central Banjarmasin by klotok.