Year of 2017

BOO, did I scare you?
Atlantic ghost crab

Like other ghost crabs, the Atlantic ghost crab earned its descriptive name by being nocturnal. Of course, the Atlantic ghost crab is also generally a ghostly pale. As it matures, its shell can change color to more closely match the sand that it burrows into. During the daytime, it hides there under the sand, out of the hot sun. Sunset beckons it to the surface, where it hunts insects, clams, and, if the opportunity arises, other crabs.

The Atlantic ghost crab, Ocypode quadrata, is a species of ghost crab, once described as an “occult, secretive alien from the ancient depths of the sea”. It is a common species along the Atlantic coast of the United States, where it is the only species of ghost crab; its range of distribution extends from its northernmost reach on beaches in Westport, Massachusetts, south along the coasts of the tropical Western Atlantic Ocean to the beach of Barra do Chui, in Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil.
Scientific name: Ocypode quadrata