Year of 2017

A peppermint sea star near the Seychelles

This colorful marine creature is found in soft coral beds throughout the Indian Ocean and South Pacific. It’s usually called a tile sea star or necklace sea star. These names refer to the pattern and color of the sea star’s skin—which isn’t always red and white. But some divers who’ve spotted the red and white specimens can’t resist calling them peppermint sea stars. We’re pretty sure they do not taste like candy canes.

Fromia monilis, common name necklace starfish or tiled starfish, is a species of starfish belonging to the family Goniasteridae. Fromia monilis can reach a diameter of about 30 centimetres. Tips of the arms and the disc center of this starfish are bright red, while the remaining parts are paler, forming large plates.
Scientific name: Fromia monilis
Goniasteridae - Fromia monilis
Fromia monilis in Borneo