Year of 2017

Washington Square Park, New York City

A 77-foot marble arch honoring President George Washington greets visitors to this park in lower Manhattan, a gathering place for locals and tourists alike. It was made a military parade ground in 1826 and it’s been a public park since 1871. Periodically during its history, the park has served as a hub for writers, musicians, and bohemians and has often been a site of civil unrest. The square serves as the backdrop for Henry James’ 1880 novel ‘Washington Square’ and more recently was featured in the Will Smith film ‘I am Legend.’

Washington Square Park is a 9.75-acre public park in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, New York City. One of the best known of New York City’s 1,900 public parks, it is a landmark as well as a meeting place and center for cultural activity. It is operated by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.
Address: 1 Washington Sq E, New York, NY 10011
Phone: (718) 417-7362
Area: 424,710 sq feet (39,457 m²)