Year of 2017

View of Mellieħa, Malta

Popular for its sandy beaches and glamorous resorts, the village of Mellieħa is part of Malta, an island nation that’s rich in history. Because of the archipelago’s strategic location in the center of the Mediterranean, Malta has experienced a revolving door of conquerors over the centuries: the Greeks, Romans, British, French, and Spanish have all ruled these islands. The discovery of sunken ruins has even led some to believe it’s the site of the legendary city of Atlantis.

Mellieħa is a large village or small town in the Northern Region of Malta. It has a population of 10,087 as of March 2014. Mellieħa is also a tourist resort, popular for its sandy beaches and natural environment.
Population: 10,087 (2014)
Area: 8.73 sq miles (22.60 km²)
Points of interest: Popeye Village · Xemxija
Mayor: John Buttigieg
Mellieha in Malta
Coordinates: 35°57′23″N 14°21′59″E