Year of 2017

Spiral whip coral

This diver is having a close encounter with coral–in this case, a member of the genus Cirrhipathes, commonly known as ‘whip coral’ because of its twisted, coiled appearance. Whip corals can be found in parts of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, where they attach themselves to coral reefs. Despite their bright exterior, whip corals are actually considered black corals, a larger group of deep-water corals, and inside they possess a dark skeleton.

Cirrhipathes is a genus of black coral from the family Antipathidae. Coral species in this genus are commonly known as whip or wire corals because they often exhibit a twisted or coiled morphology. In addition to their colorful appearance, with colors ranging from yellow to red passing through blue and green, these species possess a dark skeleton that is characteristic to every black coral.
Scientific name: Cirrhipathes
Cirripathes sp (Spiral Wire Coral)
Cirripathes sp. Spiral wire coral – Black coral