Year of 2017

Canada lynx in Denali National Park, Alaska

The Canada lynx doesn’t live only under the maple leaf flag. Populations are also found in Alaska, where this comely cat was photographed, and in other parts of the western United States. But wherever it can be found, the Canada lynx is hard to glimpse. Like most cats, it likes the nightlife, mostly venturing out in the evening in search of its favorite snack, the snowshoe hare. But maybe it’ll make an exception today and join us in celebration of World Cat Day.

The Canada lynx or Canadian lynx is a North American mammal of the cat family, Felidae. With the recognised subspecies, it ranges across Canada and into Alaska as well as some parts of the northern United States and extending down the Rocky Mountains to Colorado, where they were reintroduced in the 1990s.
Scientific name: Lynx canadensis
Weight: 17.64 pound (8 kg) – 24.25 pound (11 kg) on average · 0.44 pound (0.20 kg) – 0.44 pound (0.20 kg) (Newborn)
Territory size: 5.79 sq miles (15 km²) – 19.31 sq miles (50 km²)
Gestation period: 64 days
Height: 18.90 inch (48 cm) – 22.05 inch (56 cm)
Length: 41.34 inch (105 cm) – 31.50 inch (80 cm)
Canada Lynx area
Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis) range