Year of 2017

Huacachina, Ica Region, Peru

That’s not mirage, it’s Huacachina–an unexpected desert oasis that’s found in the Ica Region of southern Peru. The town has about 100 permanent residents, but thousands visit each year to bathe in the waters, which are said to have healing properties. In recent years, water levels have diminished, a concern for residents and presumably also for the legendary mermaid that’s said to inhabit the lagoon.

Huacachina is a village in southwestern Peru, built around a small oasis surrounded by sand dunes. It is in the Ica Province, about five kilometers from the city of Ica in the Ica District. The oasis features on the back of the 50 Nuevo Sol note. Huacachina has a permanent population of around 100 although it hosts many tens of thousands of tourists each year.