Year of 2017

African bush elephants, Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe

World Elephant Day, celebrated each year on August 12, was inspired by the Asian elephants of the Indian subcontinent, but the observance is dedicated to the preservation and protection of all elephants. The African bush elephants that wander the grasslands and woodlands of Mana Pools National Park are the largest of the various elephant species. These and other African elephants are increasingly threatened because of widespread poaching for their tusks and because their habitat is rapidly diminishing.

The African bush elephant is the larger of the two species of African elephant. Both it and the African forest elephant have in the past been classified as a single species, known simply as the African elephant, but recent preliminary evidence has seen the forest elephant classified as a distinct species.
Weight: 8,157 pound (3,700 kg) on average (Female) · 12,125 pound (5,500 kg) on average (Male)
Height: 35.43 inch (90 cm) (Newborn) · 110.24 inch (280 cm) on average (Female) · 129.92 inch (330 cm) on average (Male)
Scientific name: Loxodonta africana
Gestation period: 670 days
Biological classification: Species
Belongs to: African elephant · Elephant
African Elephant distribution map
Map of African, showing a highlighted range (in green) with many fragmented patches scattered across the continent south of the Sahara Desert.