Year of 2017

Vineyards in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Though beer may be more commonly associated with Germany, the Württemberg wine region in southwestern Germany is one of four major wine-production areas in the country, producing primarily Trollinger (red) and Riesling (white) grape varietals, but the vineyards grow other grapes as well. One thing that distinguishes Württemberg from other wine-producing areas of Germany is the production of more red wines versus whites.

Rotenberg is a village which is a part of the Untertürkheim district of the City of Stuttgart, Germany. The area overlooks Untertürkheim and the Neckar valley and lies on the north and east slopes of the hill known as Württemberg. On this hill the first castle of the Counts of Württemberg was built in 1083 by Conrad of Beutelsbach who subsequently became Konrad I, Count of Württemberg and is considered the founder of the Württemberg dynasty.