Year of 2017

New Year’s Eve fireworks in the Nordkette range, Austria

When midnight strikes on New Year’s Eve in the Austrian resort town of Innsbruck, locals know to gaze up to the Nordkette mountain range to watch the fireworks. Intrepid revelers can head up the slopes of the Nordkette to see the midnight display right there at the launch spot. Music is played inside a temporary igloo-like ballroom on the mountaintop, and waltzing to ‘The Blue Danube’ is strongly encouraged.

The Nordkette, also variously called the North Chain, Northern Range, rarely the Inn Valley Range or Inn Valley Chain, is a range of mountains just north of the city of Innsbruck in Austria. It is the southernmost of the four great mountain chains in the Karwendel. To the west it is linked by the Erl Saddle to the Erlspitze Group, to the east via the Stempeljoch saddle to the Gleirsch-Halltal Range. To the south it is bounded by the Inn valley. Its highest summit is the Kleiner Solstein in the west of the range.
Nordkette panorama
Panoramic view from Innsbruck (Emile Béthouart Steg) of the North Chain