A Historical Day

(1896) Discovery of X-rays reported

1896 German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen’s discovery of a new form of radiation, later dubbed by Röntgen as ‘X’ for unknown, is published in an Austrian newspaper. One of his first experiments is a film of his wife Bertha’s hand with a ring on her finger, seen here.

(1933) Golden Gate Bridge building begins

1933 Construction officially starts on the iconic San Francisco Bay span when 3.25 million cubic feet of soil is excavated to make way for the bridge’s anchorages. The bridge will open to traffic four years later, in May 1937.

(1968) Czechs defy Soviets and begin Prague Spring

1968 Alexander Dubček is elected in Czechoslovakia and begins reforms to Communist Party restrictions in place since the 1940s. Seven months later, Soviet tanks will arrive to halt the revolution.

(1973) Bruce Springsteen releases first album

1973 Heralded by critics but slow to sell, ‘Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.’ is Springsteen’s debut album. Its folk-rock smolder is the first spark in a career that will catch fire two years later.