A Historical Day

(630) True Cross relic returns to Jerusalem
630 Having defeated the Sassanid Emperor, Byzantine Emperor Heraclius regains a fragment of the cross Jesus Christ was said to have been crucified on. Heraclius today returns the sacred relic to Jerusalem.
(1952) First rock and roll concert
DJ Alan Freed’s Moondog Coronation Ball, in Cleveland, Ohio, notably features racially mixed performers and fans. Considered history’s first big rock concert, some 20,000 screaming teens try to crowd into a venue that can hold just half that number. Police halt the show after an hour.. 1952
(1963) Alcatraz Prison opens its cells and shuts its doors
1963 Its final inmates transferred off ‘The Rock,’ America’s most notorious prison closes after nearly three decades. It will morph from one of the country’s most feared locales to one of California’s biggest tourist attractions. .
(1980) Carter announces Moscow Olympics boycott
Protesting the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan, US President Jimmy Carter declares that the US won’t be participating in the upcoming Moscow Summer Olympics. In the end, 65 nations won’t participate in the games, but some will do so for economic, rather than political reasons. The USSR will respond in kind, snubbing the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games.. 1980