A Historical Day

(1413) Henry V assumes the throne of England
1413 With the death of his father, the 26-year-old Henry V assumes England’s throne. Later crowned on April 9, 1413, he will go on to lead a stirring victory at Agincourt, almost conquer France, and be immortalized more than a century later by Shakespeare. .
(1616) Sir Walter Raleigh released from Tower of London
Explorer of exotic lands, Queen Elizabeth’s confidant, and the Tower of London’s prisoner for the last 13 years, Sir Walter Raleigh is today freed. Ill fortune finds him again two years later and he will be executed. . 1616
(1942) General MacArthur promises, “I shall return”
1942 Having retreated from the war-torn, Japanese-dominated Philippines to the relative safety of Australia, General Douglas MacArthur makes a speech, vowing “I shall return.” He will do just that two years later, to lead the Philippines Campaign of 1944 and ’45. .
(2003) The Iraq War begins
Coalition forces from the US, UK, Australia, and Poland begin moving from the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border into Basra Province, and the invasion of Iraq is underway. The ensuing conflict, which will come to be known as the Iraq War, will end eight years later. . 2003