A Historical Day

(1932) Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge opens
1932 Up to 1 million citizens celebrate the opening of the magnificent new bridge spanning Sydney Harbour. Nicknamed ‘the coat hanger,’ it’s the world’s tallest steel arch bridge and the widest long-span bridge. .
(1941) Tuskegee Airmen squadron is activated
The 99th Pursuit Squadron is the first all-black unit in the US Army Air Corps. The squad of enlisted men will become the core of other black squadrons, collectively nicknamed the Tuskegee Airmen, that will go on to serve with great distinction in World War II’s North African and Italian campaigns.. 1941
(1953) The Oscars are first broadcast on TV
1953 The 25th Annual Academy Awards are held in Los Angeles and beamed into living rooms across the country as NBC televises the ceremony for the first time. ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ is awarded the Best Picture award..
(1962) Bob Dylan’s first album is released
A 21-year-old folk singer from Minnesota sees his self-titled debut LP, filled mostly with his Woody Guthrie-inspired takes on folk standards, released on Columbia Records. The album will not sell well and most critics are left unimpressed. Dylan’s fortunes, however, will soon be a-changin’ for the better.. 1962