A Historical Day

(1925) Deadliest tornado in US history strikes three states
1925 For seven hours, a massive tornado wreaks destruction over some 200 miles, the longest twister track in recorded history, roaring through Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. The twister kills 695 people and causes an estimated $1.4 billion in damage..
(1962) Algerian War ends in a truce
Seven years of war and 132 years of French rule come to an end in Algeria as the Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN) and France sign a peace agreement. Hundreds of thousands, mostly civilians, have died in the conflict.. 1962
(1965) USSR’s Alexey Leonov takes the first spacewalk
1965 Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov emerges from his spacecraft and spends 12 minutes suspended in outer space, with only a tether connecting him to his craft. It’s humankind’s first “extravehicular activity,” or EVA. .
(1990) $500 million worth of art nabbed
Disguised as cops, brazen thieves enter Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and make off with 13 invaluable artworks, including paintings by Vermeer and Rembrandt. The crime will remain unsolved. . 1990