A Historical Day

(461) Patrick, Irish bishop, dies
461 Legend has it that on this day the Christian missionary and bishop Patrick dies in Ireland. He will be revered for his works and life, and by the seventh century he will have become Ireland’s patron saint. Patrick’s thoughts on green beer and ‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ t-shirts will be lost to the ages..
(1337) Edward, the ‘Black Prince,’ is England’s first duke
Beloved for his military heroism, King Edward III’s son, Edward of Woodstock, receives the first duchy granted in England, becoming Duke of Cornwall. The “Black Prince” will die before his father and never ascend the throne.. 1337
(1905) Franklin Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt marry
1905 Arguably the most accomplished power couple in American political history is united in marriage, as Eleanor Roosevelt’s uncle Teddy gives away his niece at her wedding to a distant cousin, Franklin D. Roosevelt. .
(1969) Israel elects its first female prime minister
Golda Meir makes history as Israel’s first woman prime minister and only the fourth woman in the world to lead a national government. She will be nicknamed ‘The Iron Lady’ and hold office until she resigns five years later. . 1969