A Historical Day

(44 BCE) Roman dictator Julius Caesar is assassinated
44 BCE The usually festive Ides of March take a tragic turn as ‘dictator-for-life’ Julius Caesar is attacked by a group of knife-weilding Roman senators. Among the assassins is Caesar’s protégé and friend, Marcus Brutus..
(1877) Australia and England meet in debut test cricket match
Melbourne is the site of cricket’s first officially recognized Test match, with Australia hosting rival England in the sport’s most demanding challenge. This four-day match ends with Australia winning by 45 runs.. 1877
(1964) Hollywood power couple Taylor and Burton get hitched
1964 Screen star Elizabeth Taylor takes her fifth walk down the aisle and British thespian Richard Burton his second, as they marry following an affair that caused years of tabloid frenzy. They will divorce 10 years later, only to remarry after just months apart. Their second marriage will last less than a year..
(1965) President Johnson’s civil rights speech
The struggles of civil rights activists, and the recent violence they encountered in Alabama, inspire LBJ’s speech to the US Congress. He quotes the activists’ hallmark phrase, “we shall overcome,” and calls for voting rights for all. The speech will help galvanize support for the Voting Rights Act.. 1965