A Historical Day

(1794) Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin
1794 Eli Whitney is granted a US patent for the cotton gin, a machine that vastly simplifies cotton harvesting. It will lead to huge profits for the cotton-rich South, but will also increase the demand for slaves to pick the expanded cotton crops..
(1950) The FBI issues its debut 10 Most Wanted list
With input from field offices across the US, the Federal Bureau of Investigation releases its rogues’ gallery of the nation’s most dangerous criminals. In the decades to follow, the list will contribute to the capture of hundreds of suspects.. 1950
(1964) Jack Ruby found guilty of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald
1964 A Dallas, Texas, jury convicts nightclub owner Jack Ruby of shooting and killing Lee Harvey Oswald, the suspected assassin of President John F. Kennedy. The verdict is the first to be televised in the US. .
(1991) Birmingham Six freed after 16 years in prison
Coerced confessions, police brutality, and muddled forensics are finally revealed as six Irish men see their sentences overturned after being convicted for a 1974 IRA bombing in Birmingham, England.. 1991