A Historical Day

(1868) First US presidential impeachment trial opens
1868 President Andrew Johnson’s lax attitude towards Reconstruction has raised the ire of Republicans who feel he should be tougher on the South. The trial in the Senate considers whether Johnson has violated the Tenure of Office Act. Johnson will avoid being thrown out of office by a single vote. .
(1942) US Army K-9 Corps let slip the dogs of war
German shepherds, doberman pinschers, and Siberian huskies are three of the many breeds that begin training with the Quartermaster Corps. These courageous canines will serve with distinction in World War II.. 1942
(1964) Kitty Genovese is murdered in New York City
1964 Bar manager Kitty Genovese is stabbed to death outside her apartment in Queens, and later reports will question whether neighbors heard and did nothing to help. The controversy will spur research into the ‘bystander effect.’.
(1996) Dunblane Primary School shooting
Tragedy strikes the small village of Dunblane, Scotland, when a lone gunman enters the primary school’s gym and begins shooting. Sixteen young students are killed along with their teacher and 13 are injured. . 1996