A Historical Day

(1930) Gandhi begins 240-mile ‘Salt March’
1930 With 80 of his followers, Mahatma Gandhi, leader of a nonviolent civil disobedience movement in India, begins a march to the coast to gather sea salt in defiance of British colonial rule. The action will prove a turning point in the Indian independence movement and influence civil rights activists around the world..
(1933) FDR gives his first ‘fireside chat’ to American public
After being elected in the midst of the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt makes the first in what will be a series of radio broadcast to inform, warn, and encourage his fellow citizens.. 1933
(1938) Hitler absorbs his homeland, Austria, into Germany
1938 The nation of Austria is no more, as the Third Reich annexes it into Germany and Wehrmacht troops dismantle border crossings. The invasion and forced incorporation violates the Treaty of Versailles, but most criticism will be mild. .
(1994) Church of England ordains their first women priests
For the first time in its 460-year existence, the Church of England allows females to enter into the priesthood, ordaining 32 women in Bristol Cathedral in Bristol, England. Six years later the church will pass another milestone, as more women than men will be ordained as priests.. 1994