A Historical Day

(1862) World’s first iron-clad naval battle
1862 Steam-powered, iron-clad warships in the American Civil War, the Union’s USS Monitor and the Confederate’s CSS Virginia, fire on each other for four hours off Hampton Roads, Virginia. The engagement of iron-fortified battleships ends in a draw..
(1916) Mexico’s rebel leader Pancho Villa launches raid on US
Revolutionary Pancho Villa, seeking arms to fight his guerilla war against Mexico’s President Carranza, leads some 500 horsemen over the US border in an attack on the town of Columbus, New Mexico. . 1916
(1945) Operation Meetinghouse firebombs Tokyo
1945 US warplanes in World War II begin dropping over 1,600 tons of bombs on Japan’s largest city. The most destructive single firestorm in history begins, and will kill up to 130,000 and leave 1 million homeless. .
(1977) The Hanafi Siege begins in Washington, DC
More than 150 hostages are taken as 12 armed Hanafi Muslims storm three buildings, starting a siege that will last 39 hours and end, in part, due to Muslim ambassadors negotiating with the hostage-takers. . 1977