A Historical Day

(1911) First pilot license for a woman
1911 A plumber’s daughter from Paris, having convinced an aviator friend, Charles Voisin, to instruct her in how to fly an airplane, demonstrates her flying skills to the Aero-Club of France which awards her a pilot’s license, the first ever issued to a woman. .
(1917) Russia’s February Revolution roils
Petrograd (St. Petersburg) sees 50,000 striking workers join others celebrating International Women’s Day and together they battle police over food shortages and government corruption in the beginnings of what will be known, in reference to the date in the nation’s Julian calendar, as the February Revolution. . 1917
(1920) First modern-day Arab state is founded
1920 With British and French colonial powers angling for control of the Middle East, the Arab Kingdom of Syria establishes itself as an Arab-led state. It will last four months before falling to French forces. .
(1965) US ground combat troops land in Vietnam
After Viet Cong attacks on US Air Force bases in Da Nang, 3,500 Marines arrive for defense, the first US land combat deployment in Vietnam. Nine months later, they’ll be joined by almost 200,000 additional US combat troops.. 1965