A Historical Day

(1876) Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone
1876 Following the development of his prototype ‘harmonic telegraph’ device, Scotland-born Alexander Graham Bell receives a US patent on a revolutionary new form of instantaneous communication, the telephone. .
(1945) US forces capture Ludendorff Bridge on German Rhine
Nine years to the day after Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles and reoccupied the Rhineland, the US Army’s 9th Armored Division secures one of the last still-standing bridges over the Rhine River. Allied forces will now be able to cross into the German interior and bring the war to a swifter conclusion.. 1945
(1951) Ridgway launches Korean War’s Operation Ripper
1951 Spearheaded by US General Matthew Ridgway, a UN force launches a huge offensive against enemy combatants around Seoul. A week later the South Korean capital will be liberated from Communist control. .
(1965) Selma civil rights march becomes ‘Bloody Sunday’
Marching for civil rights for African Americans, hundreds of unarmed and peaceful protesters cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, and are set upon by state troopers wielding billy clubs and tear gas. Public disgust at the incident will help galvanize support for passage of the Voting Rights Act.. 1965