A Historical Day

(1681) William Penn is granted a charter from King Charles II
1681 Britain’s King Charles II grants English Quaker and real estate developer William Penn a large charter of North American land in payment for a debt. Penn will call the land “Sylvania.”.
(1917) Rankin becomes first female elected to US Congress
Jeannette Rankin takes her seat in the House of Representatives as the first woman elected to serve in Congress. The Montana Republican will vote against entry into World War I, and for women’s voting rights.. 1917
(1966) Beatles “more popular than Jesus”
1966 In an interview with the London Evening Standard, the Beatles’ John Lennon says that his band tops Jesus Christ in popularity. Meant as a comment on religion’s general decline, the quote sparks outrage..
(1969) The Kray twins convicted of murder
London’s Old Bailey court renders a guilty verdict in the murder trial of Ronnie and Reggie Kray, twin brothers infamous for the brutal swathe they’ve cut through the criminal underworld in London’s East End. . 1969