A Historical Day

(1887) Teacher Anne Sullivan meets student Helen Keller
1887 Anne Sullivan arrives in Alabama hoping to break through to a young girl who’d lost the ability to see, hear, or speak in infancy. Her pupil, Helen Keller, will respond and flourish beyond all expectations..
(1913) First women’s suffrage march in Washington
Pennsylvania Avenue sees up to 8,000 women’s suffrage supporters seeking to redress gender inequality, including gaining the right to vote. The march will become a milestone in the history of women’s rights in the United States.. 1913
(1938) First major oil well struck in Saudi Arabia
1938 Following many unsuccessful tries, drillers on the Dammam No. 7 oil well in al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia finally strike oil. The vast desert kingdom will turn out to be the richest known source of crude oil anywhere. .
(1991) Rodney King beaten by L.A. police
At 12:30 AM, police begin high-speed pursuit of a vehicle on Los Angeles’ Foothill Freeway. After the car is pulled over, what happens next to King will be caught on amateur video and enflame a city and a nation. . 1991