A Historical Day

(1791) The semaphore machine boosts long-distance messaging
1791 The Chappe brothers demonstrate their new communications machine by sending a coded message via pivoting metal shutters set atop tall towers. This will be the precursor of the electric telegraph. .
(1933) ‘King Kong’ debuts on silver screen
An epic take on the tale of beauty and the beast, and a special effects extravaganza, ‘King Kong’ premieres at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. Box office and critical reception will both be boffo. . 1933
(1972) NASA launches first manmade object to leave solar system
1972 The Pioneer 10 space probe lifts off from the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida, heading for a rendezvous with Jupiter and other outer planets, then onward past the farthest reaches of our galaxy..
(1983) Digital audio revolution hits the US and Europe
The first compact discs go on sale in the US, Europe, and other locales. The format will eclipse vinyl before being eclipsed itself less than two decades later by solid-state digital audio players. . 1983