A Historical Day

(1582) Pope Gregory XIII reforms the calendar
1582 The Gregorian calendar is introduced as Pope Gregory reworks the Julian calendar, unyoking Easter from the spring equinox, changing leap year protocol, and subtracting 10 minutes and 48 seconds a year. .
(1981) Socialite convicted of Scarsdale doctor murder
After testifying that the shooting of her ex-lover was an accident, Jean Harris is found guilty of killing ‘Scarsdale Diet’ doctor Herman Tarnower. Harris will go on to lead reforms for female convicts. . 1981
(1982) Wayne Gretzky scores record goal
1982 Hockey phenom Wayne Gretzky scores his 77th goal for the season, breaking a single-season record that many predicted couldn’t be bested. ‘The Great One’ will go on to become one of Canada’s greatest sports heroes..
(1991) Gulf War ground offensive launched
A single US infantry battalion and two US Marine divisions cross from Saudi Arabia into Kuwait and begin a push to liberate it from occupying Iraqi forces. Saddam Hussein’s army will fully retreat three days later, leading to the end of the Gulf War. . 1991